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The Mop Factory Salon

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Today’s featured business is: 

The Mop Factory Salon

1433 N Ogden St, Denver, CO 80218

(303) 733-3677

I have naturally curly hair. If you are a curly girl, you know the struggle when it comes to finding someone that understands your beautiful locks! Do you know what I mean? 

  • Most stylists don’t understand the fact that you shouldn’t cut curls wet.
  • Most curly hair “specialist” want to cut your locks off, even though you explain that’s it’s vital to you to keep your length. And, some go as far as to agree with you, yet cut and layer your hair to bits anyway. Leaving you in tears when you leave their chair. 
  • And can we talk about products??? Most stylists are clueless when it comes to what product is best for your curly locks. 

A few years ago, I went to a curly hair “specialist” in the Denver Metro area. I was super excited because I heard nothing but amazing things about this place. When I arrived, I explained to the girl that I DON’T want layers and that I wanted to keep most of my length. An hour later, I walked out in tears with my hair SHORT- LAYERED hair full of product feeling like straw. ” Never again, will I go to a curly hair specialist,” I told myself. 

About nine months ago, a curly hair stylist who I stalk on Instagram @https://www.instagram.com/desertcurlsstudio/?hl=en based in Nevada referred me to The Mop Factory salon, after I messaged her, asking her if she knows of anyone in Denver that does what she does. I called the Mop Factory without hesitation because I knew she wouldn’t steer me in the wrong direction. 

WOW! She was right, and I finally have a fantastic stylist that not only understands my curls but LOVES my curls. Andi is amazing. She not only a curly hair whisperer; she always knows her shit ( pardon my language) when it comes to hair products. She will educate on the importance of water-soluble and clean hair products. 

If you are a curly girl and you live in the Denver Metro area, Andi at the mop factory is a must-see! You won’t want anyone else touching your curls. 

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